JN QualityExpert Oy

JN QualityExpert OY

JN QualityExpert Oy is a Finnish company established in Pieksämäki, Finland, on 2nd August 2019. The company’s business is to manufacture, develop and market devices and machines which improve work safety, facilitate work, prevent work-related accidents, and promote traffic safety.

Among other products, the company produces hand-made lights for forestry trailers and general-purpose trailers, lights which have been developed to withstand extreme conditions. In addition, the company manufactures lighting devices for other tractor-driven machines, such as grit spreaders.

The company’s own products and those developed and manufactured by our partners are sold through our on-line shops with the domain names kesto-osat.fi and jnqualityparts.com. Our products are selected in accordance with the company values, focusing on those which are durable and ecological, which facilitate practical work, reduce accident risks and improve work safety. Our on-line product selection includes devices developed and manufactured by entrepreneur Timo Kuosmanen, among others.

Entrepreneur Johanna Nykänen

After completing my studies at an agricultural college, I was employed as a farm relief worker on various diary farms, beef cattle farms and pig farms for several years. I have used a variety of agricultural machines and devices in the course of my work. I subsequently studied acute nursing and worked in emergency medical care (in an ambulance service unit), and at a hospital emergency department, for example.

It was my love of the countryside and a number of situations encountered in both occupations that made me think of how to improve work safety and traffic safety in the countryside. Accidents and near accident situations are often due to broken or missing lights on trailers and mobile machinery, for example. Farm-work accidents, caused by the machinery connected to the rear of a tractor, occur when people get caught between the tractor and the machinery. In addition, accidents are often connected with the lifting of heavy objects (backache, for example).

The idea of taking the entrepreneurial leap and setting up an on-line business originally came from Timo Kuosmanen of the Rautavaaran Modulmet company. He has designed and developed various implements for agricultural machines and devices to facilitate work and improve work safety. Entrepreneurship gave me long-awaited new challenges and brought new and nice people into my life. It has also given me the opportunity to participate in the development and production of products which improve work and traffic safety in the countryside.

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You shall be responsible for the decreased value of the goods in cases where it is due to factors other than the required handling of the goods in order to verify their fitness for the intended purpose in terms of their nature, type, properties and suitability.

Unclaimed packages

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Problem situations

In cases where a product is lost or damaged during transportation, or if it does not otherwise comply with your order, you are required to announce the failure in writing within a maximum period of fourteen (14) days, to the address stated in the section titled Agreement cancellation right, or by calling the phone number stated in our contact information. In cases where the package has been clearly damaged during transportation, you are required to make a complaint immediately to the transportation company whose delivery method you have chosen.

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